near north snowdrifter photos and movies
near north snowdrifter photos and movies
Sat, Feb 17, 2018

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Near North Snowdrifters
Box 262,
Sundridge, ON,


We have one of the best volunteer seasons we've had in a long time.
These folks are working very hard to open trails and
extend and improve your riding experience in this area.

Our Xmas potluck was a hit, over 20 volunteers in attendance,
all anxious to ride.

Our latest Driver Training course went over big!
More entries than we expected with people travelling from all over to attend.
We are thrilled to be able to educate and
promote snowmobiling with young people.
We will announce any new courses here.

Our volunteers have completed a safety course for
chainsaw brushing.
Check our photos page for pics.

The training was provided to the Snowdrifters by
Bernie Stockmans of WSN Forestry Health and Safety.

We would also like to thank
Tim Bryson of Tim Brysons Forestry Services
for providing the location and timber for the practise and cutting technique.

The Snowdrifters have been around a while and are always
looking to the future of the sport in our area.
We are making attempts to minimize lake and road running
in an effort to extend the riding season.

Our club strives to maintain solid relationships with landowners,
who are critical for the future of the sport, and have even
managed to open new local routes throughout our area.

For Snowdrifter Club Meeting Minutes
email Snowdrifters

click here

The 2017/18 Near North Snowdrifters Executive
President: Neil Gutjahr
Vice President: Fred DiSomma
Secretary: Jill DiSomma
Directors: Ron Arthur
Cliff Fonk
Norm Guenard
Doug Ivens
Pearl Ivens
Paavo Kopsala
John Mowat
David Munns

If you'd like to attend future meetings and have topics you would
like to discuss, click here.

    • We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every
      month and are constantly looking
      for ways to improve our club and raise funds.

    • For copies of minutes to past Snowdrifter meetings click here.

    • We are always planning trail work days. If you are interested in helping
      click here and please let us know.
      It takes a lot of time, work and money to prepare the trail system.
      We would appreciate the help.

    • The Snowdrifters would like to update our logo and are considering
      submissions from our riders.
      click here if you'd like to share your ideas or submissions.

See pics of our 2016 Youth Driving Training Course

We will be holding another course in November,
Contact Pearl Ivens for details: 705-386-7434

A Snowdrifter Cash Donation to the Sundridge Strong Fire Dept.
helped to outfit this unit with a new winch.
Sundridge Strong Fire Dept

Here is what our donation helped to buy for the
South River Machar Fire Dept.
South River Machar Fire Dept

Read about landowners and the OFSC and OFATV agreement

Our trail system is based on landowners allowing us passage on their property.

We would like to honour
Brian Bradley, our former club treasurer,
who passed away while out riding.

George Cottrell, a local heavy equipment owner/operator,
responsible for a significant amount of
Snowdrifter trail clearing, is no longer with us.

The Near North Snowdrifters will miss him.

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