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Tue, Apr 6, 2021

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Don't make us look bad.
Please Stay
off the Sidewalks.

Parking in the Sundridge area has been provided by Strong Township.
They have also provided a portapotty for us!
No more snowsquats.

135Km Loop
Map......70Km Loop Map.........24Km Loop Map........60Km Loop Map

Snowdrifter Trail Loops
Loops from 40 min to 3 hours in duration

Don't make us look bad.
Please Stay
off the Sidewalks.

OFSC online map

ACCESS to the
Snowdrifter Trail System

  • Sundridge - The C104D enters Sundridge from
    the North West through the fairgrounds of the SSJ Arena.
    It crosses Hwy 124 at Albert Street and follows Main Street
    to the railroad tracks and down to Lake Bernard via Bernard Lake Rd.
    The C104D continues across Lake Bernard meets the NN400 and
    continues East to The Top D.
  • South River - The C105D runs through the Shell Station parking lot.
    West from the Shell to the arena parking lot, East from the Shell
    across Hwy 124 (formerly Hwy 11) to
    Montreal/Isabella/Ottawa Street(s) through South River.
  • Eagle Lake: The C105D crosses Eagle Lake, East/West, and the NN430
    exits the Lake on the North End.
  • Trout Creek: There is a feeder trail that runs East from Trout Creek
    to the Top D via Forestry Road to Main Street.

ROAD Running in the Snowdrifter Area:

Adjacent Clubs:
- North East - Bonfield Snowmobile Club
- North - South Shore Restoule Snowmobile Club
- South West - Magnetawan Ridge Runners
- South - Almaguin Snowmobile Club
- West - Argyle Riders

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